Features Photography by Steve Thornton.
AoP accredited photographer. NUJ accredited photojournalist.
Awards - Gold Award KODAK - Portraiture. Shortlisted World Food Photography Awards - 2018 & 2019.

On assignment in the Spanish Pyrenees covering; The disappearance of wild brown trout.

Steve Thornton is a fully accredited professional photographer.

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I live and breathe photography and I do everything humanly possible to achieve the best images on any assignment.

On magazine feature assignments there’s always an editors script to shoot to, but we all know the problems always mount up. The weather is never perfect, the talent may be late, the location was not as perceived and so on. Whatever the obstacles may be, my job is to create the story; beginning, middle and end. Capturing; still life, detail shots, establishing shots, portraits, and more.

Overcoming the problems that invariably arise is as rewarding as creating the visual story and fulfilling the assignment and making editors happy... It’s what I do !

The early days !
My grandad gave me his camera to shoot family picnics whilst at junior school, and these are probably my first negatives. I was born an outdoors kid. Always dreaming through the maths lesson window of explorations. Waiting for the final bell to ring. Going egg collecting, (it was legal then) bird watching, fossil and rock collecting, butterfly and moth collecting. Cycling 20 miles to a quarry or a good looking place on the map, exploring most evenings and every weekend. Even taking a train to Rannock moors in Scotland at the age of 12 was, just what I did... A 200 mile train journey. My mother even made me some packing up !  See ya Son...
She said.

After school !
It was in my blood - I had to work out doors, so I got a job in forestry. Great outdoor job ! however, the military seemed more outdoor. So I signed up ! Read more military stuff here »

Flyfishing & shooting !
Flyfishing. A passion that took hold of me whilst in Wales on a family holiday. To cut a long story short, I ended up becoming a pretty famous flytyer. Traveling the world working for government tourist boards to promote flyfishing tourism. I visited about 15 countries a year, flytying at venues and photographing the landscapes with fly fishers working the rivers. And writing stories for magazines worldwide. Then, I went and wrote 5 books on the subject. All pretty much sold out ! Photography then became my passport to all adventures.
Shooting. Long range precision has always been another passion. I remember lovingly polishing the wooden stock on my BSA springer .22 air rifle in the garden shed at 11 years old. I remember shooting a Starling off the very top of a Poplar tree. Great shot. Killed it outright. I still remember it tumbling down through the branches to the ground. Like in slow motion, and I have never shot a living animal since !  More here on my shooting life »

Another thing - Food & Drink !

I’m also a lover of food and drink. The kitchen is the place for conversation and friendship. Creating dishes for friends and family and making coffee from the latest gadget. Curling ice cream onto hot fruits and tanning with flamed liqueurs. It's sex. It's life. It's escape.
Further more; everything is a food & drink image through my viewfinder. Be it someone having a lunch break, aid agencies helping migrants, hunting for wild food, cream teas, burger vans, farming, foraging, brewing, fishing, allotments...

...they all embrace; harmony, festivities and survival !

A lot Later on... Gets serious now !

I travel with professional Nikon flagship cameras, pro Nikon lenses and an Elinchrom pro-travel strobe equipment. My studio is fully digitally equipped with large format for all types of studio work. I’m a very travelled photographer and have shot many varied feature assignments throughout Britain, Europe and further afield. Anywhere I’m sent in fact! My studios are on the doorstep of the panoramic Lincolnshire coast which offers great inspiration. I’m never shy of a challenging brief and fully understand the vital role that is played by the photographic image and how it has to work with a clients; branding and identity, or a magazine or news standpoint.

Lastly - Video Production !

As a photographer, I and all other professional photographers see the whole story within one frame. That’s what we do ! Last year I was commissioned to make 35 short adverts for social media. Simple. Any skilled photographer sees the; beginning, middle and end before hitting the record button. I'm not saying now that I'm going to go the whole hog and forget my stills productions. But I do like it... Here is my video » Its 8 minutes long because its made for TV Other cuts were made for social media advertising. Hope you like !!

Shout out - I'm about !

Please feel free to say hello if you would like to chat about any work... Please browse my website and take the time to browse the many varied stories I have been assigned to produce. Hit the 'More' link for even more work ! Hope to speak to you one day !

For all enquiries please email me below or even call me !


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