Features Photography by Steve Thornton.
AoP accredited photographer. NUJ accredited photojournalist.
Awards - Gold Award KODAK - Portraiture. Shortlisted World Food Photography Awards - 2018 & 2019.

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Holland & Holland. Making a Sporting Rifle. Limited selection

A magazine feature shoot at Holland & Holland. A bespoke London gunmakers for Pursuit International Magazine. The assignment covered the making of a bespoke Holland & Holland sporting rifle, deer stalking and taking a deer with the rifle and finally cooking venison dishes in the kitchen studios.

Client - Pursuit International Magazine.
Location - Workshops; London. Location; Welton Le Marsh Estates. Lincolnshire. UK. Studio; Steve Thornton Studios, Lincolnshire. UK.
Model/shooter - Workshops; H&H Staff. Location; Paul Jones.
Studio - Home economy & styling - Yours Truly
Usage - Magazine, web, social media.
Props - Workshops; rifle and settings. Location; Holland & Holland 30.06 calibre sporting rifle.
Dog - Flik