Features Photography by Steve Thornton.
AoP accredited photographer. NUJ accredited photojournalist.
Awards - Gold Award KODAK - Portraiture. Shortlisted World Food Photography Awards - 2018 & 2019.

Home     Video production for a rifle manufacturer promoting a rifle build and precision testing on a rifle range.

VIDEO WORK. A video production for a rifle manufacturer. A new video production for a rifle manufacturer. Produced for a 12x8 foot exhibition TV screen and is designed to run on an 8 minute loop for the sales team to use as a sales aid during customer interaction. The whole rifle build process has been filmed. From lathe to shooting...


Scene one; in the workshop is shot in slow motion with piano music to enhance the precision of rifle making.

Scene two; goes upbeat as the shooter arrives at the rifle range and shoots live ammunition with the rifle.


Other shorter edits where made from this video for social media advertising on; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


I hope you like it, and shout out if you have a production in mind - Steve Thornton.

Description - Film production for a rifle manufacturer.
Production by;; Steve Thornton
Photographer; Steve Thornton
Usage;. TV and social media.

Film & TV technical support. If you are filming a scene where technical information needs to be visually correct or a script needs to be narrated correctly, I can help you ! I have around 30 years of experience in extreme long range shooting, sniping, ballistics and making precision ammunition and using rifle scope optics; in both Mil-Radian and MoA. I'm a fully experienced operator in all military rifles with calibre's from .308 to .50 calibre shooting out to maximum distances for each calibre.


This experience comes from being an officially badged military sniper with a Masters Classification and actual operational covert experience in conflict zones. Lately, shooting long range out to 1200yds as a shooter for Team GB's medal winning squad for 7 years and competing in 2 world championships in New Mexico and Canada and classified 12th in the world, winning a world championship bronze team medal. Recently I was contracted to design and test long range ammunition for many NATO affiliated police and military SF snipers and close range CQB ammunition for counter terror units.


"Too many times have I seen Hollywood blockbusters, TV dramas and mainstream documentaries produce scenes with embarrassing visuals, techniques and dialogue. I'm only a phone call away should you require expert on site production help and advise".

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