FISH TOWN. 1990 to 2020. The EU years.
Grimsby’s fraternal fishing industry ends in 1990 - Evolving into a seafood science lab in 2020

This photographic exhibition documents Grimsby’s fishing industry transformation by the introduction of new European Union legislation in 1990 and its subsequent exit from the EU in 2020. This monochrome body of work, documents how the fish docks, its workers and the community lived and worked, such a unique way of life! ‘Which suddenly ended in the summer of 1990’. And how, over 30 years, it evolved into a modern-day hi-tech, global seafood trading port. The capture of these unique moments in time is made even more impactful by the use of monochrome to convey industrial starkness and an emotive, raw honesty. A new photographic book is being published and will be launched at the exhibition.



The FISH TOWN Book: Regular Edition

We are delighted to announce that the regular edition will be available at the exhibition.
Printed as a softbound book with 200 pages. The softbound cover is a heavy 300gsm soft-touch laminated finish with foldback inner making a double weight cover. The pages are printed in 200gsm soft gloss.

Size: 11.7 x 8.3inch. A4 Landscape.
Cover: 600gsm Softback. Soft-touch laminate finish with inner fold flap.
Pages: 200. Soft Gloss finish.
Publish Date: July 2022.
print run: 500 copies only. 1st edition.
Price: RRP £35.00. SHOW PRICE £29.99. 

The FISH TOWN Book: Deluxe Collector's Edition

Fish Town Deluxe book Collection

We are delighted that we are now able to offer The FISH TOWN Deluxe Collectors Edition at the Exhibition.
Presented in a black 6oz clothbound archival box, handmade in England. It comes with an original signed 11.7 x 8.3″ pigment print of your choice from the collection and a signed and numbered copy of the book along with a certificate of authenticity. This FISH TOWN edition is printed as a hardbound book of 240, 220gsm soft gloss Cézanne fine art pages. This edition is limited to 250 copies +10 APs only.

Size: 13 x 11″ signed, numbered & embossed.
Dust Jacket: 4 colour 300gsm Silk finish.
Pages: 240 pages using 240gsm soft gloss Cézanne fine art paper.
Fly Pages: 200gsm black carbon art.
Leading pages: Signed, numbered & embossed.
Box: Hinged presentation box finished in black 6oz fully lined canvas. 18 x 13.3 x 3″.
Print run: Limited Edition 250 copies only +10 artists’ proofs (APs).
Fish town Print: 11.7 x 8.3″ pigment print of your choice from the FISH TOWN collection. Includes signed & stamped official certification.
Publish Date: July 2022. 250 copies only.
Price: RRP £545.00. Show price £495.00.

Available to order for collection at the exhibition for £495.00. Post exhibition editions can be ordered online for £550.00 +P&P.
Please note: This book and case etc, weighs nearly 4 kilos!

ORDERING – Email: studio@stevethornton.co.uk to discuss your personal choice of FISH TOWN print, your name etc. Pre-ordered books will be available at the exhibition for collection.
Last pre-orders 25th June 2022.

FISH TOWN Posters: A3 posters

These fish town posters are of the actual signs fishmongers suspend above their filleting stands on the pontoons. Many of the pontoon signage can be seen in the 1990 photographs.

Poster: FISH merchants Original Pontoon Signage.
Size: A3. 16.5 x 11.7″.
Finishing: Printed onto sturdy 4oo gsm silk artboard.
Options: 2 versions to choose from – Light or Dark.
Publish Date: July 2022.
Print run: Unlimited.
Price: RRP £12.00 – Show Price £9.99.


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Fine Art Print; Signature & Studio Print Series Specifications;

Unless otherwise stated on the print page, these are the print specifications;

Signature Series Print size
16.5″x 11.5″ / 420mm x 297mm. Signature Series Image size – Approx. 12″ x 8″ / 310mm x 210mm. Varies per image format (± 1″ √ 3cm).
Studio Series Print Size
8.3″ x 11.7″ / 210mm x 297mm Studio Series Image Size – Approx. 9″ x 5.5″ / 230mm x 140mm. Varies per image format (± ½″ √ 2cm).

Printing Specifications for Signature & Studio Series Fine Art Prints;
Print Stock – Epson Signature series archival pigment. Fine art archival, heavy stock 325g √m2.
Finish – Smooth soft gloss
Permanence Rating – 315+ years.
Ink – Epson Archival x10 Ultra Chrome Pigment inks

Signature Series Fine-Art Print Finishing;
Hand-signed front & verso of print – Yes.
Embossed authenticity stamped on prints white area – Yes.
Hand-signed & embossed certificate of authenticity – Yes.
Mounted – No.
Framed – No.
Presentation- For more information & images please click here
Framing & mounting note: Signature fine art prints are not mounted or framed as framing and mounting styles are subjective to one’s own environment.

Studio Series Fine-Art Print Finishing;
Hand-signed front & verso of print – No.
Embossed authenticity on print – No.
Embossed certificate of authenticity – Yes.
Mounted – No.
Framed – No.
Presentation – For more information & images please click here
Framing & mounting note: Studio fine art prints are not mounted or framed as framing and mounting styles are subjective to one’s own environment.

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints;
Platinum Palladium prints. Limited editions of only 10 hand-made signed and stamped prints. Published late 2022.

Shipping, Presentation, Pricing, and Delivery;
Shipping costs – As stated during checkout.
Presentation & packaging – For more information & images please click here
Pricing – As listed in menu & checkout pages.
Delivery – By courier within 14 days of ordering.  Please note: All fine art print orders are handmade.

Sea, Salt & war

The most diverse 4 square miles in Great Britain

Nowhere in Great Britain does such a natural diversity occur within such a small area.
Nested on England’s panoramic east coast, Donna Nook proffers an outstanding natural ecology, English Nature protection, carbon reducing salt flats, a rare large breeding
grey seal colony alongside billion dollar fast jets flown by top gun pilots.
A unique world war 2 history and rich agricultural farmland.

Photographed by Steve Thornton

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