FISH TOWN. 1990 to 2020. The EU years.

Grimsby’s fraternal fishing industry ends in 1990
Evolving into a seafood science lab in 2020

Fish Town documents the transformation of Grimsby’s fishing industry by the new European Union legislation in 1990 and its subsequent exit from the EU in 2020. This monochrome body of work, documents how the fish docks, its workers and the community lived and worked, such a unique way of life! ‘Which suddenly ended in the summer of 1990’. And how, over 30 years, it evolved into a modern day hi-tech, global seafood trading port.

This unique photographic exhibition and book tells the story! Photographed by documentary photographer, Steve Thornton.

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This beautifully printed perfect-bound book will include all the FISH TOWN collection of images.
Over 200 pages and printed on 170gsm soft gloss-finished pages and 400gsm soft touch matt finish cover.
These books will be available as a limited edition print run of only 500 copies. Purchase books at the exhibition or on this website post-exhibition.

FISH TOWN Fine Art Prints. Now on sale

These stunning archival fine art pigment prints are available in a choice of 2 size options.

The Signature Series (A3+) and the  Studio series (A4). These are printed using the latest 10 colour Epson printers employing the latest 10 colour Ultra-Chrome archival ink sets.  Both series are printed on Epson archival pigment 325gsm prints with a soft gloss finish. The Signature Series are hand-signed and embossed onto A3+ stock and the unsigned Studio series are printed onto the same stock but at a smaller A4 size. Both series are stamped on verso.

The Limited Edition Series are to be produced in late 2022 as Platinum-Palladium archival prints. Only 10 prints of each are to be made.

FISH TOWN Fine Art Prints are beautifully presented in black archival boxes with a certificate of authenticity...

Steve Thornton Photography

Steve Thornton is a professional photographer who over the last 30 plus years, has worked worldwide on photographic projects and magazine assignments.

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