During my childhood, I developed a fascination for bird eggs and their unique colours and sizes. As I grew older, I began to understand the importance of these “Packages of Life” and how our bird species are now under constant threats from industrial and domestic intrusion and climate change, which is continually destroying their fragile environmental habitats. These images pit vibrant colours against inky dark backgrounds and the selection of natural surroundings compliments the egg’s beautiful colours, thus amplifying the many hues glowing around them creating habitats that have been transformed into curated still-life sets shifting between nature and imagination. 

Through this collection of upcoming prints, I aim to increase awareness about climate change and the effects of industrial and domestic growth on our bird populations and their habitats by exhibiting to all walks of life especially the young, the beauty of these most secret objects. It is crucial to educate people about the fact that many bird species are experiencing a serious decline and that we must take action to protect them. The birds we once took for granted are now becoming a rare sight.

All the bird eggs used in this collection of photographs are replicas, handmade, hand-painted, hollow eggs made by professionals using calcium carbide techniques. They have accurate sizing, shell thickness, texture, and colour-matching as defined by actual museum specimens.

This collection will be showcased in an exhibition in 2024, along with a series of limited-edition prints.

Still Life Photography by Stephen Robert Thornton

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