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Licence, Copyright and Unlicensed use notice;

Please note: Stephen Robert Thornton Prints are for personal usage only, and intended for display in the home or other private spaces. For all other uses, such as display in public spaces or institutions, publishing the image online or in print, or any other form of usage, permission must be granted by Stephen Robert Thornton. Please contact Stephen Robert Thornton with any questions.

(1) Fine Art Prints: The buyer owns (as named within the included embossed certificate) the artwork/print and can re-sell the print to anyone in its original form as a piece of artwork.

(2) Fine Art Prints: The buyer has no rights to copy or print the image via any electronic or analogue media and re-sell the purchased artwork/print. The actual image is solely licensed to the owner only (Stephen Robert Thornton) and no reproduction by any means is allowed. Other than (1).

(3) Online Images: All images on this website, image stock websites and Google are owned by Stephen Robert Thornton. Any social media forwarding etc is only allowed with permission using the following image credits; Credits to state – Photography by Stephen Robert Thornton with a live link to

(4) Unlicensed use: All images are embedded with IPTC and EXIF metadata. To ensure that Stephen Robert Thornton image sales are legitimate and protect our customers. Our software continually crawls the internet for unofficial usage. Any unlicensed use will be actioned as of the law without any exception or hesitation. 

error: Content is restricted. License to use is required. All copyrights are owned by Steve Thornton !!

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