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Invisible Carbon - 50 Miles of Carbon Captures

Photography - Stephen Robert Thornton

Evocative, Dramatic, Inspiring, An English Salgado... Photographic press.

The Lincolnshire coast has a very productive carbon-capturing coastline. The salt marshes cover most of the coastline from Cleethorpes to the Wash below Boston. They are more effective at carbon capture than rainforests and have the ability to capture carbon quickly and store it for long periods and also serve to provide natural flood defences. These salt marshes play such an important role in regulating local and global climate change.

The Invisible Carbon photography project lasted for six whole months and was aimed at capturing the beauty and importance of the salt marshes that can be found along the Lincolnshire coastline. This salt marsh coastline is known to be highly productive when it comes to the capture of carbon from the atmosphere. In fact, the salt marshes that are spread out along most of the coastline, beginning from Cleethorpes, all the way to the Wash below Boston, are considered to be even more efficacious in carbon capture than rainforests themselves. This is due to their unique ability to capture carbon quickly, store it for long periods, and even serve as natural flood defences, thereby protecting the inhabitants living in and around the coastal area. These salt marshes play such an important role in regulating local and global climate change and are a vital resource for our Earth’s future.
Salt marshes are crucial ecosystems that provide essential services to our planet. By helping to protect coastlines from erosion, these habitats allow for carbon sequestration and storage, ultimately reducing the severity and impact of climate change. The success of this project would demonstrate the importance of salt marsh restoration and encourage policymakers to prioritise the preservation and creation of similar habitats. Investing efforts into the conservation of salt marshes not only benefits climate but supports wildlife, insect and plant life and our own well-being. By working to maintain and enhance these crucial habitats, we can achieve a sustainable balance between human development and the protection of our natural environment.

This project won an award from The St Hughes Charity for the Arts and is supported by EPSON UK.

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Title: Invisible Carbon. 50 Miles of Carbon Captures
Binding: Stitched hardback book with black/grey headbands
End Pages: Rives Tradition Corn - Black 170 gsm
Size: Width 260 x Height 210mm
Pages: 200 gsm Mowhawk Fine Art
Publish Date: April/May 2024
RRP: £35.00

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Invisible Carbon - 50 miles of carbon captures | Over 60 environmental landscapes | This new hardback book is in production. Details above. RRP £35.00. Pre-order now and save £10.00.

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