Invisible Carbon Book Pre-Orders

Evocative, Dramatic, Inspiring, An English Salgado…
Photographic press.

Photography by – Stephen Robert Thornton
Designed and Layout by – ST Creative Art Studios

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Title: Invisible Carbon. 50 Miles of Carbon Captures
Binding: Stitched hardback book with black/grey headbands
End Pages: Rives Tradition Corn – Black 170 gsm
Size: Width 260 x Height 210mm
Pages: 200 gsm Mowhawk Fine Art
Publish Date: April/May 2024
RRP: £35.00

RRP £35.00. Pre-order here to save £10.00. Order book now for £25.00. You are paying a deposit of £10.00. Prior to delivery, you will be emailed an invoice for £15.00 plus any shipping costs to your address. Shipping costs are indicated when pre-ordering your book.

Pre-ordered copies are signed by the photographer.


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